DR.ANDREW KAUFMANN …. This is not a real medical pandemic, the vaccine is not proven safe, nor to be effective and so far we have seen NO proof that the virus really exists.

DR.HILDE DESMET ….. The vaccine is not safe (causes autoimmune disorders, cancer and more) and there is no global medical pandemic. We are the Guinea Pigs …

DR.NILS R.FOSSE ….. The vaccine is not proven safe and effective and this is not a real medical pandemic. 

DR.ELIZABETH EVANS … The vaccines are not safe and effective. There is no evidence that they will prevent transmission. It is reckless to use experimental vaccines, which could cause cancer, infertility and autoimmune disorders.

DR.MOHAMMED ADIL …. I stand up for the cause of humanity.

DR.VERNON COLEMAN …… the whole covid19 pandemic is a scam, the greatest hoax in history 

PROF.DR.DOLORES CAHILL ….. we can easily treat covid symptoms. Lockdowns and social distancing are not necessary ….

DR.R.ZAC COX ….. I will not take the vaccine, no long term safety data

DR.ANNA FORBES …. misrepresentation of data, misuse of PCR-test

DR.RALF E.R.SUNDBERG ….. I don-t trust the vaccine

DR.JOHAN DENIS …… it is fake pandemic, there is no emergency situation, this is an experiment on humanity, nanobots in hydrogel are developed for the military, this could make you a controllable puppet, by means of your own smartphone, connected with the 5G network and artificial intelligence. This could make you lose everything that makes you human

DR.DANIEL CULLUM ……. this is not a real pandemic and there is no safe vaccine

MORITZ VON DER BORCH (medical journalist) …. the vaccine is dangerous, the pandemic is a fraud ...

DR.ANNE FIERLAFIJN …. the vaccine is not safe nor effective. This is not a medical pandemic. Numbers are falsely presented. Stand up, don-t have your freedom restricted.

DR.TOM COWAN ….. help does not come from injecting toxins in a body

DR.KEVIN P. CORBETT ….. covid is not a real medical epidemic. All these vaccinations should be stopped. PCR-tests are flawed …

DR.CARRIE MADEJ …. there is no worldwide pandemic. I will not take the vaccine and will not advise it to anybody …

DR.BARRE LANDO … an alleged pandemic, I highly caution everybody about taking this vaccin …

KATE SHEMIRANI (nurse) …. no evidence of a pandemic, there is no proof that there is a c19 virus, we don-t need these vaccines. Our government should be arrested for genocide ..

SANDY LUNOE (pharmacist) … the vaccines are not safe and not effective, they will make matters worse after a reinfection.

BORIS DRAGIN (Lic. acupuncturist) …. this is not a real pandemic but an assault on human rights, freedom and society. Only mad people will accept an untested vaccine from a criminal manufacturer. Let all our leaders take it.

DR.PIOTR RUBAS … Don’t be vaccinated with this experimental preparation. The mortality rate of this disease is like the one of flu.

Dr.NATALIA PREGO CONCELO … This is not a real medical pandemic and the vaccine is not proven to be safe or effective.

DR.RASHID BUTTAR …. Stand up and do what is right.

DR.NOUR DE SAN …. A proper vaccine is properly tested for 5 years, so safety, effectiveness and all long term effects will be known.

DR.KELLY BROGAN ….Vaccination has depended on corrupt science and systemic suppression of truth. This is not a real medical pandemic. 

PROF.KONSTANTIN PAVLIDIS …. This is not a real pandemic and the vaccines are not safe.

DR.SHERRI TENPENNY … The animal tests for Covid since 2002 (SARS) have shown that the vaccines were unsuccessful and did more harm than good. The actual vaccine puts irreversibly the virus into your DNA and transforms your cells.

SENTA DEPUYDT (journalist) …. the current vaccine is experimental, risks are unknown. Vaccine producers have a free pass for safety. No risk evaluation was needed, no scientific reports, no hearings, no debate. European Court of Justice has been requested to annul this decision by the EU-parliament, which has taken blind faith in a dangerous experiment.

Dr.HEIKO SANTELMANN …. I researched vaccines for the last 20 years. This is not a real medical pandemic. The vaccine is not proven to be safe or effective. Testing was not honest. Effectiveness is not 90% but only 0,2% if you study the results. These vaccines can sterilize men, women and even unborn children.

DR.MARGARETA GRIESZ-BRISSON …. Unethical medical measures may not be implemented on a defenseless population, neither as tests, nor as vaccines.

DR.MIKAEL NORDFORS …. There is no pandemic. The vaccine is neither safe nor effective. To give untested vaccines to mankind is madness and even worse is giving it to children. Stop it now. No vaccine is as safe as Vit D which can decrease mortality by 50-95%.

DR.ELKE F. DE KLERK …. This vaccine can sterilize women and girls and can cause cytokine storms which are very dangerous for health. It can change your DNA forever and we don-t know what this will do.



  1. Ik weet dat er vanaf het begin van een virus een groot drama werd gemaakt terwijl er niets aan de hand was , Rutte Huge en Frits deden zich alwetend voor , de ene leugen na de andere , Dan de dwang maatregelen om de bevolking plat te leggen , de vreedzame demonstranten met grof geweld verjagen , alle cijfers kunstmatig hoog hielden , deze leugens hebben duizenden banen gekost , veel bedrijven over de kop , maar de grootste blunder komt van dat domme vee wat op hun gestemd heeft VVD natuurlijk de Sloper van Nederland….

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