They are all part of the worldwide vaccine genocide to reduce world population to 1/3!
Read to previous articles about Trump being controlled by mossad!

In a few days we come with more shocking truth!

Ivanka Trump proudly presents not only her first, but now her second (fake?) vaccine!
All with the intention so YOU should take it, while they recieve tons of money for only promotion. Plannes are exactly on scedule!

Don’t fall into the trap “maybe it’s a fake vaccin or maybe it’s a clean good vaccin”, because in ALL cases they should be totally aware in their position as public figures that promoting ANY vaccin leads to more people DEAD as no-one can make the difference while the whole world is watching. These people do ANYTHING for money and power! When 1 human life is NO LONGER important to anyone worth saving you’ve become satans servant, period.



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